Outgrown Your Accounts Software?

Outgrown Your Accounts Software?


Interprise Suite

Sage 200

Cost From (including Services)

£9,995 yr 1
£2,000 from yr 2

£20,000+ yr 1
£4,000 from yr 2

Integrated CRM

Separate : Product / Database / Look and Feel

Remote Access for Branches, Home, On Road.

(LAN or Hosted Server Options)

Only with Terminal Services or Sage Extra with no CRM

Lots of Features

Foreign Currency
Intrastat, EC Sales

Sales Order Processing
Drop Ship

Purchase Order Processing

Stock Control

Nominal Codes
Segments / Cost Centres

Proven 5-80 Users

Large Data Volumes

Full Setup Implementation


Ongoing Support

Optional Add Ons

Alternative to Sage 200, SAP B1 et al

Interprise Suite provides Accounts, CRM, Stock, SOP and POP, Email integration, Credit control, Intrastat, etc., as well as optional eCommerce integration, in one truly integrated, feature-rich, real-time system. Mid-market functionality (and more) for entry level pricing.

Functionality in Interprise is similar to, and in some areas greater than, that offered by Sage 200 and other mid-market products (like Pegasus, SAP B1, Navision etc.) but at a significantly lower cost, with pricing just above Sage 50. You may have already looked at some of these products.

Better Value for Money – The gap between Sage 50 and other entry level products and Sage 200 et al is big and usually a jump too far for a lot of customers. The answer is Interprise Suite: better functionality than these mid market products for just above entry level pricing.

Extra Functionality – Interprise Suite has similar (and in some areas greater) functionality to Sage 200 and other mid-market software. Sage 50 lacks proper Foreign currency for sales and purchases, better stock control, real time allocation of stock to orders, order processing, drop ship, Intratsat, Batch/Serial traceability etc.

Handles More Users & Data – You need to add more users but Sage 50 is creaking a bit at 5+. You also have the issue of having to regularly archive data because of the file limitations of Sage 50, but don’t want the extra cost of upgrading to Sage 200. Interprise uses MS SQL as its database and is 1 – 100s of users, so you don’t have to change software again as you grow.

live businesses

transactions PA


Properly Integrated CRM

Accounts systems like Sage 50, or QuickBooks, or TAS Books, etc. linked to some CRM product like ACT or Goldmine, etc. – are two separate pieces of software with a different look and feel, different databases that have synchronisation issues, then if you upgrade the accounts system you find the CRM links don’t work anymore. Interprise does not have any of these issues.

CRM is an integral part of Interprise, Leads, Prospects and Customers are all in the same database. This gives so much more functionality.

Hosted, LAN – Access in and out the office

Interprise incorporates Smart Client technology or uses web services – providing the ability to access your system from anywhere, anytime with a normal Internet connection (your home broadband, wi-fi at a hotel or on the train, a broadband USB connection on the move etc) – but without using a browser – so you see exactly the same application presented in the same user interface as if in the office – there’s no VPN, no Terminal Server, no Citrix.

This is a simple (and cost-free) way to run Interprise on your own in-house LAN and provide access to remote workers and salespeople, as well as your accountant.

More Features for Entry Level Pricing

Interprise has better functionality. For example:

  • Just switching away from preprinted stationery, emailing documents like invoices, credits, statements, purchase orders at the click of a button saves a lot of time and money.
  • Being able to promise stock to customers on the phone using proper allocations saves losing the order or having to go check stock levels and then calling a customer back.
  • Seeing what you need to purchase order based on Potential stock (In stock – SO + already on PO) with sales trends, lead times, min/max and reorder levels saves so much time and then automatically creating the orders.
  • And more.

Some Case Studies

live businesses

transactions PA


Over 80% of our customers have grown their original user count,
some having many times the user count they started with.

We like to think Interprise played its part in that expansion.
With companies from 5 to 70 user you have plenty of room for growth.