Swallow Dental, Paul Harrison, Director, speaks about Interprise…

Q. Could you tell us about your company and what you do?

We are a company that focus on a niche aspect of the dental industry. We supply surgical instruments and consumables to specialist dentists, particularly implantologists and peridontists. We deal with everything below the gum.

Q. Can you tell us how long you been using Interprise, how many users you have and what modules you use?

We have been using Interprise for just over 12months and have a 11 user licence. We use all of the standard modules (CRM, Customers, Suppliers, Inventory, Banking and Accounting). We also have the Magento e-commerce link to our website, Batch Serial Traceability and the ipad link.

Q. How has your company benefited from using Interprise Suite and what are your favourite features?

Speed of historical data acquisition is very impressive. Also, once we got used to using the software, navigation became very simple and, as the data is in the SQL database, it is usually very easy to access what’s needed. It is also very flexible in terms of reporting. The only part of the product that we are not using at present is CRM, but it is in our plans for the next 12months. I like the fact that we can create target lists from CRM. We are still in the process of ensuring that Interprise and our webshop are functioning efficiently and creating the data that we need to use as a springboard for our growth over the next few years.

Q. What is it like to work with Interprise UK with regards to support, training and an ongoing relationship?

The support is normally very good and willing to create bespoke features if needed. The training has been excellent and we feel comfortable with the ongoing relationships that have been built over the last 12 months.

Q. Would you recommend Interprise Solutions?