OMC Motor Group, Pat Scrivens, speaks about Interprise….

Q. Could you tell us about your company and what you do?

Used for Northern Accident Repair Company who have 4 sites (Manchester, Rochdale, Halifax and Castleford) Repair damaged vehicles mainly for insurance companies. Also have two fast fit outlets based at two of the sites. The Sales invoicing is produced at the remote sites using software specific to the industry. We are the Head Office based in Oldham.

Q. Can you tell us how long you been using Interprise, how many users you have and what modules you use?

We have 4 users and use Accounting, Customer, Supplier, Banking and Asset Management Modules.

Q. How has your company benefited from using Interprise Suite and what are your favourite features?

We have moved from Sageline 100 to Interprise and the speed of processing has made a big difference to the company. We no longer need to keep an invoice register as Interprise does that for us, yet another time saving. The girls love the Bank Reconciliation as this is so much quicker and easier to search for any transaction. We also love the ability to specify what we want to see on a report and the ability to run and then search on the report. This is useful when a payment is received in the bank but the narrative is misleading. We run the aged debtors to screen and search for the value. This again is a big time saver. Another favourite is the Template Journals as there are many repeat Journals and again time saved.

Q. What is it like to work with Interprise UK with regards to support, training and an ongoing relationship?

Cannot recommend enough. They have been with us all the way from purchase to installation to support and training. Our branches produce the sales invoices on site then send a file with the transactions to head office. Because of the way insurance companies require their invoices and the excess and VAT implications this can become very involved. Interprise wrote a bespoke option to update the invoices into the system. Natalie and Gary in particular have provided excellent support to ensure a smooth transition from Sageline 100. Whenever we have had a question we have received a positive answer.

Q. Would you recommend Interprise Solutions?

Highly recommend. We have been treated as an individual company and not just an account number