ItFitz – Gail Lebens, Director, Speaks about Interprise…

5 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: Sales Order Procesing, Purchase Order Processing, Stock Control & Accounting modules.


James Thorley and Gail Lebens have been running their business ITFITZ since 2000.

Initially the business was the specification and supply of specialized and designer architectural ironmongery (that’s door hardware and fittings) to mainly high end London architectural projects. We source a number of very unique products and people kept asking where our shop was. Our designer accessory website was born in response to this demand and it has grown apace ever since the outset. We also import door fittings from a particular European company which we distribute to many shops in the UK.

In order to keep track of running the three company identities while staying very small and lean as a company in the current economic climate we had to have good systems in place to control things. Upgrading our software infrastructure was vital to this strategy so in 2009 we looked at what was available on the market for a SME business budget.

Interprise was the outright winner for us. They not only provided the ‘total solution’ from CRM through to quotations, stock management, running our three cost centres and even a website interface option at reasonable rates, but it had been designed nuts and bolts from the base up to fit with the technological advances that all businesses need in the twenty first century.

All the packages in Interprise “talk” to each other properly and are not an amalgamation of bug ridden bolt together software solutions that often emerge as one company takes over another in this competitive field. This meant that the designers were easily able to tailor make the software to our particular industry specialist needs providing us with our own bolt on applications after an in depth consultation.

We have been running the package for almost a year now since our “go live” day. This event was preceded by some days of staff training that we would highly recommend. Interprise held our hands through the changeover trauma, Natalie was with us in the office to make it as seamless as possible and later the helpdesk was always on hand to patiently talk us through situations that occurred initially when memory failed any of us; this was very reassuring to us as owners. The support team has continued to help us all year ironing out any problems that we have or discussing new ideas for future development. We know and get on with them all so well now that they are like extensions to our staff.

So if you are currently poised like we were on the edge of taking this vital step I can only say that with Interprise you will find a company to make it run as smoothly as possible and a package that can continue to grow with you at your own pace.