Interprise Suite 2014

New “Interprise 2014” Version will include:

Fixes over last 12 months
Confirmed fixes in use by customers now.

Reverse BOM Assembly
This allows you to effectively add a negative number to the Build Assembly and take the Assembled Item out of stock and put the compents into stock.

RetroSpective Reporting
Aged Debtors, Aged Creditors and Stock Valuation Based on a Prior Period end. Now you dont have to reconcile for example, the Debtors list to the Control Account by adding the Deferred Nominal postings.

Sales Order Template
This Plugin prompts a user taking an order from a customer to ask about usual order qtys and timescales. If a customer usually orders 10 of an item every 7 days and they have only ordered 4 in the last 7 days it will prompt to say they could want an extra 3.

Improved Chart of Account & Segmented Analysis
This plugin allows you to filter easily any group of segments (departments, cost centres, locations etc) or any combination of segments. This allows easy financial reporting using multiple segments.

Global Search
This plugin allows you to search across all leads, prospects, customers, suppliers, contacts using user defined criteria. Its clever as it ignores (‘s), full stops and spaces in data. The criteria it uses is defineable by the user.

Fixed Bin by Warehouse
This plugin allows you to select a main bin where a specific stock is stored and picked from in a warehouse. This is then printed on picking documents etc.

Batch Customer Receipts
This plugin allows the rapid entry of receipts from multiple customers with a total check.

Customer Supplier Contras
This plugin allows you to easily contra outstanding invoices on a customer account that is also a supplier. This is ideally run before a payment is made to a supplier. It saves you having to enter credits to contra amounts.

Assembly & SubAsembly
The standard Assembly will let you complete a build as long as you have free stock. This plugin stops you if the stock is already allocated to a sales order. If you are short of components which are also assemblies you can build them within this assembly or see what shortages you have.

Copy Quote
This allows you to easily copy a quote to any customer not just the same customer.

Sales Order History Tab
This plugin shows item history, or items a customer regularly orders while doing an order. In a tab it allows any qty to be easily added to the order.

Sales Order Wild Search
This plugin allows the user to easilly search and add multiple Qtys to the order from the search list.

Prove Customer, Stock & Nominal Ledger Balances
These features allow you to prove the balances on the ledgers and if there was ever a problem on the network or a problem transaction this would identify it and allow us to fix it.

Improved UK Vat Accounting, Vat Return, Ec Sales List, Intrastat
This plugin allows you to run VAT Cash accounting rather than VAT Accrual accounting. We have also made improvements to the Intrastat and EC Sales List recently.

Landed Costs
This plugin allows you to use an inflated Average Std cost price for COGS and valuation of stock. It can be based on a % uplift by value, % uplift by weight or you can enter costs for freight, duty and insurance which are then split across items on a GRN or Bill by Value or Weight. It will also get the % from an item or a supplier account as an option which can be over ridden.

Simplified Class templates
So when you create a new company things like defaulting the Base currency to all countries rather than the actual currency of the country just make for quicker setup.

Import Routines Improved
Again when setting up a company it was difficult to import things like specific Payment terms, Currency, Exchange rate. These changes should speed up the setup process.

Simplify Month End Routine
The month end routine we feel is cluttered with reminders no one uses. So we are going to simplify the month to just that.

Update Cost Prices on Post Invoice
We have added the option to keep the sales order cost prices / profit margins (as now) or refresh them with the latest cost price at the time of posting the sales invoice.

User Licensing
This is enforcing the number of users that are concurrently logged in at any one time and also it will show the licensed username on the screen.

Price Importer
This allows you to quickly and easily import and export stock information from and to a spreadsheet. Also allows you to update/Export wholesale and retail selling prices and supplier cost prices etc.

Email Specific Documents to Specific Contacts
We have added a section on the setup of customer that allows the user to enter a contact and email address against specific documents so instead of the email address being pulled from the contact on the document (or in the case of statements and debtor letters the default AP contact) it will use the email specified here. We also have the option to prevent selected documents being emailed by ticking the Don’t send box.

Example Small Feature Changes
We have added the category filter to the calendar screen

We have moved the type drop down above the subject and allowed the user to use a drop down or free text into the subject box.

Boolean (yes no fields) custom fields are now showen as tick boxes on the screen NOT YES NO.

We have added an additional tab on the Recent Sales tab for “Quoted Items” works in the same way as “Bought Items” does with invoices, but with Quotes instead.

Consignment Stock
This feature has been designed to allow you to keep track of stock at a customers location without having to create a separate warehouse in stock control for each customer that has consignment stock. It also has a much better interface for seeing exactly what they should have left together with our cost exposure and we can also report to them what they should have with their usual sell price. You can download the information document click here

Advanced Outbound Calls
This feature is similar to the existing Outbound call menu option but has some significant differences. EG: 1. The Call Back Button. When a user clicks call back it creates an activity to say we made a call but does not create a call back activity. It just marks the status of the record as call back. This means that as we ask for more records it will eventually come back around to calling the call back records. i.e. it does not go into your normal call back lists in your calendar. This was an important issue for most users as they did not want call list call backs to be swamping their normal call backs in their diaries. 2. Skype (Tapi) Buttons. You can use Skype to make the cal. If you have the TAPI plugin (chargeable) then you can also make TAPI calls via your phone system. 3.More Details. You have the full Customer/Lead/Prospect details and the Contact details on the screen. 4. Sequential Delivery of Records. If you have multiple users all asking for new records then they are better sequentially delivered so while the user has the record on screen it changes its status to “In Call” so another user cannot grab the same record before its updated as cancelled, call back or got through. Please click here to see full feature details.

Restricted Data
In simple terms for each User you decide which records (assigned to Reps, Teams, Users and Territories) they can see. There only has to be 1 match and the record will show. i.e. if a record had Rep1, Team1, User1 and Territory1 assigned to them and the user data restriction only had Rep1 ticked (that they could see records with Rep1 and nothing else ticked) there is 1 match in this record so it will show. The same goes for if they had no reps ticked, no teams ticked, no users ticked but did have Territory1 ticked then it would show.

It restricts what leads, prospects and customers a user can see. Same goes for Activities, Opportunities, Quotes, Orders and Invoices. This module is ideal for larger sales teams where you want them to have access to these areas but only their data and maybe their Team or Territories data but not everywhere.

Please click here for Restricted Data Document.