Interprise Product Review by Ian Buckley of Bennett Verby LLP Accountants


Interprise Suite was launched in 2007 after extensive testing and development over a number of years by enterprise software developers based in the Philippines. Interprise Software Systems International Inc based in the Philippines is the author of Interprise Suite.

The distribution of the product in the UK and Europe is carried out by Interprise Solutions LLP. This is headed up by Tony Parsonage, who is a very successful entrepreneur who I have personally known for 18 years and who disposed of his IT business to concentrate on developing this product in the UK. With over 18 years experience in the SME market place he has designed Interprise Suite to address real user requirements and provide real business benefits.

The product has been developed so that the features of CRM, eCommerce and ERP are incorporated but also facilitates accounting functions that are easy to understand for non-accountants.

The product has already been sold in Australia, North America, Asia and Europe. This is a revolutionary product and is fast becoming the most attractive package to have for the SME market. The product has achieved the acclaimed Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales accreditation in 2007.  


My viewpoint on the product is probably biased towards the functions relating to the accounts side but when looking at all the other options available I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer intricacies involved in answering my ‘what if’ questions which I tested out on the product in various areas.

The product is easy to use whatever level of computer literacy a user has, with easy navigation tools to enable the user to use the system efficiently. Users are given a number of options on whatever screen they may be on, so they will never feel they have somehow got to a dead end. 

Modules are easy to move between by the simple clicking of a button and common tasks such as month end reports are made easy by the availability of a wizard.

Depending upon the complexity of the package required the system can include; Accounting, Customers, Suppliers, Stock, Bank, Reports, System Administration, eCommerce and Customer Relations Management.



Support is available to customers in the form of User Guides, Demo Videos, A Training Guide with Videos on how to setup a company from scratch with month ends etc. and from Solution Providers. Solution providers can provide Telephone Support, Consultancy, Training etc.

An online help system for users will shortly be available.


I was amazed to be able to drill down on VAT returns, Trial Balances etc to truly excite people like me who work with numbers.

Management information is developed at the most strategic levels at the touch of a

button ie; Financial Reports, Highest Ranking Customer by Turnover, customers/suppliers going over credit limits, stock pricing and levels of stock held, credit control reports etc, the list is endless.

The only reason this product is so good is that is has been tested time and time again, with scenarios which if it could not answer then that feature was added until it became the model it is now.


Every business is different in terms of needs and also in terms of the capabilities of the people using the system. In relation to a software package you only get out of it what you put in to it ie; put good information in you get useful information back.

Bearing this criteria in mind Interprise has been developed and resellers will be able to tailor the software to the particular users needs.

The system enables users to pick and choose which applications they require so that they can have their own individual package designed for their business – this is what makes the product stand out from its competitors.                     


Interprise has been developed based on real customer requirements. Businesses need to be up-to-date with their IT infrastructure to be able to compete adequately in their relevant field.

Interprise has developed a solution which enables users to access the application in the office, home or on the move with the combination of providing the power and flexibility as a desktop application with its ability to transfer over the internet, data just like a typical web browser. 


This is the most exciting SME product I have seen to hit the market in recent years and with the way it is gaining popularity daily as news spreads I am sure it will only be a matter of time before Interprise is the market leader in this competitive area of the SME market. 

Ian Buckley is an Audit and Accounts Partner with Bennett Verby LLP, Chartered Accountants Certified and business advisor.