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Interprise Accounting Software Suite Launched For SMEs

  • Offers Significant Cost Savings And Functionality Over Traditional Packages
  • First Accounting Suite To Be Purpose-Designed For Smart Client/Services Orientated Architecure

Manchester – September 2007: Interprise Solutions LLP, the recently launched UK accounting software distributor, is gunning for a slice of the SME accounting market with Interprise Suite.

Interprise Suite offers a compelling proposition to the many SMEs and developers desperate for more functionality and flexibility in a sector that has seen minimal vendor product development for several years.

Three years in the making by Philippines-based Interprise Software Systems International, Interprise Suite is the first accounting solution to offer SMBs a purpose-designed fully integrated suite based on the latest Smart Client/Service Orientated Architecture technology (SOA).

As such it marks a radical change in the future delivery of accounting software that for the past decade has changed very little in terms of technology and functionality. As part of the new product’s development, all of the key ‘bugbears’ of users often found in other packages have been addressed including integration, wide area networking complexities and costs, amendability, foreign currency calculations and real-time stock valuations.

Fully accredited by ICEAW (Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales), Interprise Suite is integrated, connected and customisable. It combines all key business processes and functions including Accounts, BI, CRM, ERP, eCommerce, Stock, Order Processing, Fax, Email and Reports with one single look and feel, one business logic and one database.

This approach brings together the best aspects of traditional desktop applications with the convenience of advanced internet connectivity. Unlike typical browser-based applications, this ensures home and remote users experience the same level of functionality, rich user interface and ease of use as office-based personnel running Interprise on desktops and local area networks.

Interprise Suite is priced very aggressively in the UK: Free at single user level and well beneath Sage 200/MMS or Pegasus Opera. This firmly addresses the ‘inbetweener’ market place of users who have outgrown software like Sage Line 50 but will not pay for Sage 200/MMS.

Commented Tony Parsonage, director of exclusive UK distributor, Interprise Solutions LLP: “I blame the major accounting vendors for their lack of product innovation which has frustrated many users in recent times. With Interprise Suite, SMEs can look forward to a solution that is completely new and refreshing to use.”

For developers, the ‘plug-in’ architecture and rapid development framework in Interprise ensures the straightforward creation of small amendments or large vertical market applications while still supporting future product upgrades. The SDK is available free