Fridge Freezer Direct, Cory Greenhough, Director, speaks about Interprise…

Q. Could you tell us about your company and what you do?

FFD ltd specialise in the online sale and supply of commercial refrigeration and catering equipment

Q. Can you tell us how long you been using Interprise, how many users you have and what modules you use?

We have been using Interprise suite for around 18 months, we have 9 users and use all modules within the Suite apart from Ecommerce. We also use some additional plugins; 1) Eshopconnect 2) Alerts 3) Sales Monitor 4) Outlook

Q. How has your company benefited from using Interprise Suite and what are your favourite features?

Interprise suite has enabled us to streamline our business processes giving us the ability to be able to deal with a greater amount of business with the same number of staff

Q. What is it like to work with Interprise UK with regards to support, training and an ongoing relationship?

The support from Interprise is great, quick responses to any problems or questions we may. They are always willing to discuss and brain storm issues we may have whereby they can improve not only the Suite but also the day to day use of the Suite within our business

Q. Would you recommend Interprise Solutions?

I would not hesitate to recommend Interprise based on what the suite has to offer in terms of functionality, value for money and support that is provided for the product.