Delamere Dairies – Liz Sutton, Director, Speaks about Interprise…

15 User Interprise Suite – Mainly use: Sales Order Procesing, Purchase Order Processing, Stock Control & Accounting modules. Also use the Atlas EDI Plugin to bring in Sales Orders from the large retailers and send back Invoices. Delamere also use the Batch Traceability plugin to track batches of stock.  

Q1.Could you tell us about your company and what you do?
Delamere Dairy trades speciality dairy products (goats cows soya) to UK multiple and independent retailers and has a growing export market. Growing out of a farming and milk processing business founded 25 years ago, Delamere Dairy has now outsourced all its milk production and processing capabilities. The business now involves a complex operation planning milk supplies, daily manufacturing processes with the co-packers, product movement and distribution, quality control, sales and marketing and  business management. Turnover £15M, employing 14 staff including the 3 directors.

Q2. Can you tell us how long you been using Interprise, how many users you have and what modules you use?
We went live with Interprise on January 1st 2010. The aim was to replace Sage Line 100 Accounts package and manage our Sales Order Processing function with 14 users. Transition of accounts function relatively smooth. SOP required significant bespoke development post launch that hadn’t been anticipated.

Q3. Has your company benefited from using Interprise Suite and what are your favorite features?
All users now happy with Interprise. Favourite features – Ease of being able to convert information into other document formats. Drill down and much clearer and easier access to detailed information. Generally a much more flexible and “user friendly” system then the ones we replaced.

Q4. What is it like to work with Interprise UK with regards to support, training and an ongoing relationship?
Support required has been considerable but has been excellent.

Q5. Would you recommend Interprise Solutions?