Alpha Biotech, George Stephens, Director, speaks about Interprise…..

Q. Could you tell us about your company and what you do?

Alpha Biotech currently offers a wide range of HLA typing, laboratory automation products and services to an expanding customer base, including crystallography, DNA extraction and liquid processing robots. Products supplied by Alpha Biotech are used by a broad range of academic, government, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other leading institutions around the globe.

Q. Can you tell us how long you been using Interprise, how many users you have and what modules you use?

We have used Interprise Suite since January 2010 and have 5 users. We have been using the CRM, Customer, Supplier and Inventory Modules with the Outlook Integration plugin synching the Calendar and Emails to and from Customer and Supplier records.

Q. How has your company benefited from using Interprise Suite and what are your favourite features?

Our previous software had problems with Stock control particularly with relation to Multiple warehouses. We have imports and exports from various locations and Interprise handles this well with the additional bonus of multi-currency trading. The ability to synch all our Emails from Outlook with our Customer and Supplier records is very useful as is the Calendar Synch with Outlook as this allows you to have a record of your calendar on your phone. The search facility has also been easier to use than our previous software.

Q. What is it like to work with Interprise UK with regards to support, training and an ongoing relationship?

Working with everyone at Interprise suite has been a positive experience and they are always happy to help us out with various requests no matter how small. Their phone support has been excellent and prompt.

Q. Would you recommend Interprise Solutions?

Would be happy to recommend them as a reliable Team.