Optional Plugins

Apex IT have developed alot of add ons or plugins to the program based on popular demand from customers.

Interprise is very customiseable with its plugin architecture. This allows you to have that small change or utility or even module you need to make the system really work for you. The basic system is very good and has alot of features but should your requirements change or you want an add on to make the way you work easier then you can have these written for you.

Below is a list of some of the Plugins we have done that we regularly sell to customers. Click on the links to see more details of the Plugin.

Exchange Outlook Email Integration

Exchange Email Connector. This plugin allows you to send and receive email using Microsoft Exchange Server. This improves performance, scaleability and user involvement with the normal Interprise email client. Sending and receiving is done on a schedule. Incoming emails are matched to the contact, customer or supplier email addresses and filed against the relevant record.

Project Costing Module

Track your Purchase Orders, GRNs, Bills, Stock Adjustments In and Out, Timesheets & Misc costs against a Project.

Atlas EDI Link (Sales Orders In and Invoices Out)

This plugin allows you to connect to Trading partners using EDI. You can receive sales orders and send back invoices using this plugin. Atlas are a main supplier of EDI and have linked to most trading partners like B&Q, Homebase etc so have templates for them and will usually create them for any they may not have. All that’s required is to assign your item codes to the trading partners to be able to automatically bring in the orders.

Multi Company Consolidation

This plugin allows you to consolidate multiple datasets into one dataset for consolidated company financial statements. It copies all the nominal transactions so proper drill down is still possible in the consolidated company. Each company dataset is identified prefixing the Journal ID.

Batch / Lot Traceability Plugin

This plugin allows you to track stock by lot or batch numbers. This is a comprehensive plugin which affects all areas where stock is either allocated via sales orders, allocated via allocation routine, confirm picked or issued from stock and brought into stock such as adjustments in, GRNs etc.

Asset Management Module

Asset Management for Interprise Suite

MetaPack & Carrier Integration Plugin

You dont have to use Metapack you could just create files for your chosen Carrier. Then the carrier software prints the label, books a delivery and emails the customer a tracking code.
Metapack is a company that specialise in deliveries and interfacing with all the carriers. Whichever carrier you use they can integrate to it saving all the hassle of creating links with each one. If you have multiple carriers then you tell it to pick the lowest cost etc. You can also amend the information if needed. Metapack will improve the delivery experience for customers and users.

Interprise eCommerce Feeds

The Feed plugin allows you to create specific customer feeds. So if you had a customer who ordered a lot from you then you could issue them with a url and when they executed the url it would give them the stock code, description, their price, stock qty etc. of items that you want to included in feeds. This also allows us to create a customer called Googlebase as an example and then create a feed for googlebase on the same basis. This could also work for Pricegrabber or other people that use feeds. It can also be used to update an external website you may have.

Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp Integration.This plugin allows you to connect to Mailchimp. We download the opens, click throughs, complaints etc from a Mailchimp Campaign and update the records in the target list accordingly. This can automatically create Call Activities within Interprise. EG its a good idea to call anyone who has clicked through as they the most likely to be interested in what your offering.

CTI Skype TAPI Integration

CTI Skype TAPI Integration. This plugin allows you to dial from your computer. If you have Skype it can dial the number using Skype. If you have a TAPI2 complaint driver loaded onto your PC then the Tapi button can dial the number from your PC via your Phone system extension.

Interprise Alerts

Interprise Alerts. This plugin alerts you by sending an email and/or creating an Interprise Activity. There are alerts for things like customer over credit limit, new quotes created over a value, new purchase orders over a value, new receipts, new invoices posted over a value, overdue cases, margin check on sales orders etc.

CIS Subcontractor

CIS Subcontractor. This plugin allows you to process subcontractor invoices and credits easily.

Sales Monitor Dashboard

Sales Monitor. This plugin allows your sales team and managers to see in real time sales figures on their screen on a TV monitor in the office. It canbe based on Profit or Turnover values and Ordered or Invoiced/Credited whichever way your sales team is orientated.

Rep Monitor Dashboard

Rep Monitor. The Rep Monitor Plugin was designed to let managers and sales reps look at their performance in more detail. It keeps them in touch with their targets and where they stand this month and year to date. You have options to look at Profit or Turnover. This can be based on Sales Orders (invoiced or outstanding) or actually Invoiced/Credited.

Cashflow Plugin

Cashflow Plugin. This plugin helps you to predict your cash requirements based on customer and supplier transactions. It also helps predict foreign currency requirements.

Trade Counter

Trade Counter. This plugin is designed for shop/trade counter sales. It allows you to scan or pick items, enter payments etc. Cash Sales and Account customers.

Supplier Feeds – Stock in Channel

Supplier Feeds – Stock in Channel. Supplier feeds is all about being able to update the supplier cost price, supplier lead time and supplier stock qty from a file, ftp file or url. If your supplier gives you this information then it means you can update your system on an hourly+ basis.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management. Simple Warehouse management features for Interprise Suite.

API Access

API Access. Allows a 3rd party web shop developer or other application to integrate with Interprise Suite. Pushing and pulling data on demand.

Magento Integration

Magento Integration Package gives you B2B and B2C. Interprise becomes your backend application to control stock, order processing, accounts etc. Magento customer account shows orders, quotes, transactions, cases, statement of account etc from Interprise and Magento.