Apex IT Ltd. is the No.1 reseller for Interprise Suite Accounting, CRM and eCommerce Shopping cart software in the UK.

Most of the shareholders were involved in the creation and financing of the Interprise Suite software in 2005 until it was sold to a large $Billion American corporation in 2008. Interprise Solutions LLP retained exclusive rights to the Software, Source code, Trademarks and the Interprise Suite brand name in the UK and Ireland.

The shareholders of Apex IT Ltd. are also the shareholders of Interprise Solutions LLP. As sales have grown in the UK we decided that from November 2011 we would make Interprise Solutions LLP reseller focused and Apex IT end user focused. Originally end user and reseller sales were done via Interprise Solutions.

Apex IT and Interprise Solutions grow each year with the addition and retention of customers using the software. In 2011 the company past the point of recurring revenues paying for the basic overheads which is a major achievement for any company. This means that we have a stable and reliable income stream. This is the true value of any software company.

It has taken 9 years to get to the point where we now have a product that satisfies the SME market place requirements in the Accounting, CRM, eCommerce space. We have many happy users. One of our largest customers does over 500 orders a day. The product is proven in the real world and we have over 350 live companies relying on the system. This equates to over 5000 users logging in every day.

In 2014 we are poised for sales and profit growth as we can expand our sales efforts knowing we have a reliable and stable product, happy customer base, reliable income stream and the features required by our market place.

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